View Bookings

With the premium version of the plugin you can add a form to any page on your site that shows all the bookings for today and the upcoming week.

You can also use this form to check guests in as arrived, which prevents them from getting a late arrival notification, if you are using that feature.

The following video shows you how to add the view bookings form to a page, configure its settings and enable guest check-in:

Add the View Bookings Form to a Page

To add the view bookings form to a page, go to Settings > Advanced and scroll down to the View Bookings Form area. There you will see a dropdown option called View Bookings Page, via which you can select a page on which the view bookings form will be automatically added.

There are further options that let you choose which columns you would like to show in the view bookings form and that let you make the view bookings page private, so only users logged in to your site can view it.


You can also add the booking form to your page using the following shortcode:


To use this shortcode on the page edit screen, just click the + button and add a new shortcode block to the page. Then write or paste in the above shortcode.

Check Guests in

Enabling the Check In Arrivals option will add a checkbox to the left of each entry in the view bookings form that lets you mark that reservation as arrived. This feature is necessary for the late arrival notifications to work correctly.