Using the Email Designer

To modify the email templates, go to the Settings > Notifications, scroll down to the Email Templates section and click the Launch Email Designer button.

Screenshot indicating the button to launch the email designer

The Email Designer allows you to preview each of your notification emails, change the colors and templates, upload your own logo, and include special lead sentences.

Screenshot of the email designer

Click on the Logos & Colors section to add your restaurant’s logo and set colors to match your brand.

Screenshot of the logos and colors options

In this section, you can also customize the Email Acknowledgement. This is an important message which tells the recipient why they’re receiving this email. In some countries, including this acknowledgement is a legal requirement, so I encourage you to keep it. But you can edit it however you’d like.

When you click on any of the sections for other emails, the live preview will update to show you that notification email. Each notification email can use it’s own template, lead sentence and footer message. Here are the options for the Admin Notification email, shown in the Conversations template.

Screenshot of the admin notification email's options

Each of the email templates has a different layout and style. You’ll want to check each email to make sure it looks great. Here’s an example of the Stationary template.

Screenshot of the stationary template

When you’re happy with the outcome, don’t forget to click Save & Publish.

Screenshot indicating the save and publish button

Still have questions? Take a look at the FAQ.