Benefits of the Ultimate Version

The ultimate version of the Five Star Restaurant Reservations plugin contains several powerful features to give you and your guests an amazing booking experience and also to help you reduce the amount of no-shows at your restaurant, including SMS reminders, table selection, payment deposits and access to the Five Star Restaurant Manager mobile app.

Ultimate features include:

  • Booking by Table: Add your restaurant’s tables to the plugin and allow (or require) guests to select a table when they make their reservation, based on the booking time and party size.
    • You can set a minimum and maximum number of seats at each table.
    • You can also combine tables to let people book for large parties.
    • Add a table layout graphic to your booking form.
  • Booking Deposits: Require a deposit, either per guest or per reservation, when someone makes a reservation to help prevent no-shows.
    • Both Stripe and PayPal are available as payment gateways.
    • Options to require deposit only for certain party sizes or only at certain times.
  • Reservation Reminders: Send an SMS or email reminder message before a booking at a time that you specify (e.g. 4 hours before a reservation).
  • Late-Arrival Notices: Send an SMS or email message when a guest is late for their reservation by a specified amount of time.
  • Post-Reservation Follow-Up: Send a follow-up SMS or email message a specified amount of time after the reservation (e.g. 18 hours, 2 days, etc.). This can be used to get customer feedback, request a review, offer a promotion, or anything else!
  • Access to the Five Star Restaurant Manager mobile app.
    • Receive push notifications for new bookings.
    • View all new bookings directly in the app.
    • Change the status (e.g. to confirmed) and modify the other reservation info.
    • Check people in as they arrive.
  • Plus all the features of the premium version.