The ultimate version of the plugin comes with the ability to let customers choose a specific table when making a booking. You can enable this feature by going to Settings > Advanced in the plugin admin, and scrolling down to the Tables area.

Here you can also create sections and then tables. You can set a minimum and maximum quota for each table and assign it to a specific section (e.g. patio, indoor, etc.). The table number and section will show in the table selection field in the booking form, making it easy for your customer to choose exactly where they would like to site.

For a tutorial on configuring the sections and tables, please see the following video:

Modifying a Booking’s Table Assignment

In the case that you have enabled table selection, but not required it, or if you would like to change the table chosen by a customer (e.g. they called in to request it, or you need to shuffle things for tonight’s reservations), you can modify the table assignment.

To do this, go to the Bookings page in the plugin admin, hover over a booking and then click the Edit link, in the same way that you would to manage a booking. In the modal, there will be a dropdown field to choose a table for the booking.

Adding a Table Layout Graphic

The plugin now comes with the ability for you to add a table layout graphic to your booking form. To learn more about that, please see here.