When you first activate the plugin, it will automatically run a walk-through that will help you add the booking form to your site and set key options.

Screenshot of the Five Star Restaurant Reservations walk-through

The walk-through consists of four steps.

  1. Add a Reservations Page: This will create a new page on your WordPress site and place your booking form on it.

  2. Create Booking Schedule: This lets you create your schedule for when guests should be allowed to book a reservation.

  3. Set Key Options: Here you can configure a few of the main options in the plugin, including the min and max party sizes, early and late bookings, and the interval for the time picker.

If you’d like, you can re-run the walk-through at any time by going to the following URL in your WordPress admin:


So, if, for example, your site domain is:


Then, to restart the walk-through, you would go to:


You’re now ready to learn more about bookings and the available blocks and shortcodes.