This plugin includes a few settings to help you configure it for your needs. You can access these settings by going to the Menus > Settings page in your WordPress admin area.


By default, the plugin will load basic styles that implement the menu’s layout features, such as the positioning of the price or laying out two-column menus side-by-side. These styles are limited so that the menu will adopt your theme’s fonts and style as much as possible.

There’s also an alternate Classic style which can be selected. This puts titles into an elegant cursive font that may not be appropriate for some restaurants.

If you want to handle all of the styles yourself, you can prevent this stylesheet from loading by selecting Don’t load any CSS styles.

Disable Features

Sometimes you may not need a feature, and you may want to hide it altogether to make things simpler for your client. You can disable any of the un-needed features here and you won’t see them appear on the editing pages.

If you’re not using the premium version, you won’t see many features here.

Advanced Options

The plugin automatically registers a custom image size at 600x600 pixels. This is used for your Menu Item photo.

If you know what you’re doing, you can override this image size with dimensions that better match your theme. Otherwise I’d recommend you leave this empty.