When you first activate the plugin, it will automatically run a walk-through that will help you create your menu items and add the menu to your site.

Screenshot of the Five Star Restaurant Menu walk-through

The walk-through consists of four steps.

  1. Create Sections: This lets you create one or more sections, which you can then assign your menu items to.

  2. Add Menu Items: Here is where you create your menu items. You can choose an image, enter a name, description and answer, and assign each item to a section. You can create as many menu items as you want during the walk-through.

  3. Create a Menu: Here you can create your menu and choose which sections to include in it.

  4. Add a Menu Page: This will create a new page on your WordPress site and place your menu on it.

If you’d like, you can re-run the walk-through at any time by going to the following URL in your WordPress admin:


So, if, for example, your site domain is:


Then, to restart the walk-through, you would go to:


You’re now ready to learn more about menus and the available blocks and shortcodes.