The theme comes with two different customizable homepage templates. For most uses, you’ll want to choose the default homepage template. However, for those of you who want the main feature of your site to be food ordering, we offer an alternative homepage template specifically set up for this.

Regardless of which homepage template you choose to use, you can enable and customize in the same way, as follows:

Enable the Homepage Template

To make things as simple as possible, we’ve set up the homepage templates so they can be used on any page, and not just the page you assign as the front page for your site.

With that in mind, on the page you want to use as your homepage, just use the built-in WordPress page template selector and choose either Page (Homepage) or Page (Food Ordering Home).

Customize the Homepage Template

You can customize the homepage template using WordPress’s built-in block theme template editor. To do this, in your WordPress admin, go to Appearance > Editor. This will open up the block theme editor. From there, click on Templates and then on either Page (Homepage) or Page (Food Ordering Home) depending on which you are using.

This will open up the editor for that specific template, where you will see all of the homepage elements laid out.

Because we built the templates using existing WordPress blocks and our own custom patterns, everything is editable in place here. You can drag and drop entire panels, delete sections, swap out images, change the content, add new content and blocks, change colours, and much more.

When you are done modifying the homepage template, make sure to save your changes.