Recommended first steps to start building your site

Now that you’ve installed the theme and activated your plugins, you’re ready to go. If you’re familiar with WordPress, you can start playing right away. But here are a couple things I recommend you do first.

Create a menu for your site

Go to the Appearance > Menus section in the admin panel. Once you’ve created a menu, look at the Theme Locations setting located below the menu and click the checkbox to activate it for the Primary Location slot. This will be your main site navigation menu that appears at the top of your site, so you’ll probably want all of your main pages linked from here.

Set up your business profile

You can set up your Business Profile by clicking on the Business Profile link in the main navigation menu of the WordPress admin area. You’ll find it near the bottom of the menu on the left.

Add all the details you can for your restaurant, cafe or bar. This will give you a simple way to include your address, Google map, phone number, opening hours and contact page on your website. It provides a widget to display this and integrates with the Theme Customizer.

Create a static homepage and a blog page

You’ll need a static homepage to set your site up like the demo, and you’ll need somewhere else to put your blog posts.

Go to the Pages > Add New Page menu section in the admin panel. Enter “Homepage” as the title and enter a short introduction to your business, then click the Publish button to create the page. Follow the same steps again to create another page, but name it “Blog” this time.

Go to the Appearance > Customize menu section in the admin panel. This will open a new window showing your site along with a panel on the left to make changes.

Open the panel on the left near the bottom that is labeled Static Front Page. A new option will appear. Select “A static page” and two new dropdown menus will appear. Set the Front Page to the Homepage you just created and set the Posts Page to the Blog page you just created.

Go to the Appearance > Customize menu section in the admin panel. Open the Logo, Site Title and Tagline panel on the left. Under the Logo section, click the Select File button to add a logo to your media library and select it as the logo.

You can adjust the scale of your logo if it appears to large or small. Make sure you click the Save button at the top to finalize your changes.