Activate the recommended plugins for your restaurant website

This theme recommends a small collection of best-in-class plugins to help you build a successful restaurant website. To install and activate them:

  1. Go to the Plugins page in your WordPress admin area.
  2. A notice will appear at the top of the page to alert you that recommended plugins need to be installed. Click the Begin installing plugins link at the bottom of this message.
  3. In the list of plugins that will appear, click the checkbox to the left of each plugin. Once they are all checked, find the Bulk Actions dropdown menu above the list, change it to Install and click the Apply button.

When installing the plugins, you may be asked for your FTP login credentials so that WordPress can install the files to your website. If you don’t know what these are, contact your web host for help.

What about my commercial addon purchases?

If you purchased a bundle which included commercial addons for any of my plugins, you’ll need to install these addons one-by-one. Your purchase receipt will include links for you to download the .zip files for each plugin.

Once downloaded, follow these steps to install each one:

  1. Go to the Plugins page in your WordPress admin area.
  2. Click the Add Plugin link at the top.
  3. On the next page, click the Upload Plugin link at the top and follow the steps to upload the addon’s .zip file.
  4. Once uploaded, click on the Activate Plugin link to activate it.

Do I need all of these plugins?

No. I recommend carefully-researched, best-in-class plugins for features restaurants often need: reservations, restaurant menus, SEO, events, contact forms and more. If you don’t need the features that a plugin provides, you don’t need to install it.