Confirm and Reject Bookings

To confirm or reject a booking, tick the checkbox to the left of a booking. Select the action you’d like to take and then click the Apply button. In this image, we’re about to confirm a booking.

Screenshot of confirming a booking

If you have several pending bookings, you can confirm them all at once by ticking the checkboxes beside multiple bookings before clicking the Apply button.

Confirm or reject a booking without sending an email notification

By default, when you confirm or reject a booking, an email will be sent to the customer informing them. If you’d like to confirm or reject a booking without sending out an email notification, you can do this through the edit booking popup.

Screenshot of the Edit modal on the Bookings page

Change the booking status to whatever you’d like, make sure the checkbox next to Send Notifications is not checked, and then edit the booking.

This is useful in situations where you may need to make changes to a booking after speaking to a customer directly.

Confirm or reject a booking directly from an email notification

If you’ve enabled the Admin Notification Email in the settings, you can include a quick link to confirm or reject a booking straight from the email.

In order for this to work, you’ll need to be logged into your WordPress website. Keeping a tablet or mobile phone in your restaurant that’s logged in is a great way to quickly manage incoming booking requests.