Manage Bookings

Go to the Bookings page in your WordPress admin area to find all of your bookings. In the screenshot below, there’s one pending booking coming up.

Screenshot of the Bookings page

When you first arrive on the page it will only show you upcoming bookings. But you can view other bookings too!

View a message left during booking

If the customer has left a message when making their booking, you’ll find that under the Details column on the right.

Screenshot of the Details column on the Bookings page

Screenshot of the Details popup on the Bookings page

When you’re using the Custom Fields addon, you’ll find your custom fields here too.

Edit the details of a booking

You can edit each booking by moving your mouse over the booking in the list and clicking the Edit link.

Screenshot of the Edit link on the Bookings page

Screenshot of the Edit modal on the Bookings page

This is useful in cases where a customer might phone in with a change to their booking.

When you edit a booking in this way, no notifications are sent to the customer by default. Check the Send Notifications box if you want to send notifications out.

The first thing you’ll probably want to do, though, is confirm or reject a booking.