Menu Icons (Pro)

When you create or edit a Menu Item with the premium version, you’ll see a panel for adding Menu Item Flags. These flags can be used to designate information such as vegetarian dishes, organic produce, Halal or Kosher options and more.

The Menu Item Flags work just like the Tags you can assign to Posts in WordPress, with a twist. Menu Item Flags can also have icons associated with them.

To add an icon to a Menu Item Flag, go to the Menu Items > Item Flags page in your WordPress admin area. Click the Edit link below the Menu Item you’d like to add an icon to and you’ll get an easy-to-use form to assign an icon.

Screenshot of the editing panel for menu item flags

There’s a wide range of icons you can use to signal dietary preferences, indicate healthy eating choices or cater to religious needs.

Screenshot of all menu item flag icons

Once you’ve set up the icons and assigned them to a menu item, they’ll display in your menu.

Screenshot of a menu item with item flag icons

If there’s no icon matching an Item Flag you’d like to use, it will fall back to a text display instead.

Icon Font and Source Files

The premium version displays the icons as an icon font so that their color can be changed with CSS. Each icon is also provided as a vector file (SVG) so that graphic designers can make their own icons based on this set.

Menu Icons and Menu Item Flags are only available in the premium version.