Create a Menu

To build a menu you will first create Menu Items, assign them to Menu Sections and then add those to a Menu.

Create a Menu Item

Go to the Menu Items > Add Menu Item page in your WordPress admin area. You’ll see the following page:

Screenshot of the Add Menu Item page

A Menu Item represents one dish from your menu. Use this page to give your Menu Item a title, like “Butternut Squash Soup”, and a description, like “A creamy butternut squash soup made with a slice of toast on the side”.

Assign the Menu Item to a Menu Section

On the right, you’ll see a number of panels for adding information to your Menu Item. Here you can enter in the price, add an image and assign each Menu Item to a Menu Section, such as Appetizers, Entrees and Desserts.

In the Menu Sections panel, type the name of the Menu Section you’d like to add this item to and click the Add button.

Every Menu Item needs to be assigned to a Menu Section, or else you won’t be able to add it to a menu.

Add More Items

Go ahead and create a couple more Menu Items following the steps above. For the next steps, you’ll want at least a couple of Menu Sections, so make sure that two items are assigned to different sections.

Create a Menu

Go to the Menus > Add Menu page in your WordPress admin area. You’ll see the following page:

Screenshot of the Add Menu page

You’ll recognize the title and description areas, which work just like your Menu Item. For now, let’s focus on the Menu Layout panel.

Screenshot of the Menu Layout panel

If you followed the steps above to assign a menu item to a section, you’ll see your Menu Sections listed here. Now you can build a one- or two-column menu by adding the Menu Sections into your Menu.

Drag Menu Sections from the Available Sections column into any of the other columns to add them to your Menu. If you only want a single column, don’t add any sections to the Second Column. The plugin will automatically discard the Second Column if no sections are assigned to it.

Once you click the Publish button at the top, your menu will be published. Now you’re ready to display your menu.